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May 19, 2023
Come to Darwin Perennials Day
Jeff Gibson Ball Seed Landscape Business Manager

Each June, Darwin Perennials hosts an open-house event at its West Chicago homebase called Darwin Perennials Day, and it's geared entirely toward perennial plants and the experts who bring them to-market.

In my opinion, Darwin Perennials Day is a must-attend showcase if you're a nursery grower, plant buyer, landscaper or designer because it offers a first-look at the newest upgrades in perennial plant performance, and also connects you to the experts as you make decisions about the products you buy, sell and install for your customers.

Darwin Perennials Day 2023 is Wednesday, June 21, from 8am to 3pm, and it includes educational sessions, dozens of supplier tent and tabletop meet-and-greet opportunities, a New Varieties display, and hundreds of plants to stroll through in the Zone 5 overwintered trials.

There are also tours of the Ball Helix Central R&D lab, where you can see next-generation plant science in-action, and demonstrations for the company's new scheduling tool to help you better handle your perennial production for key delivery dates.

It's a relaxing yet educational day: Lunch is served, conversations are had, and best of all it's FREE to register and attend! I also hear that every registered attendee will receive a free plant, so be sure to RSVP your visit to Darwin Perennials Day today. Register online at, and keep this event on your list of to-do's each summer.

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