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May 7, 2020
Knock, Knock! Be the Expert
Jeff Gibson Ball Seed Landscape Business Manager

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Abby who?
Abby Mother’s Day!

With Mother's Day only a few days away as I write this, we have a unique opportunity as landscape professionals to help train and guide would-be homeowner clients. Commercial landscaping across the country is taking major hits in the current economy. Shopping malls, restaurants, corporate parks, and retail stores are not taking full amounts or outright canceling flower and plant contracts.

Time to “pivot,” which we tend to do when times get tough!

The good news is homeowner landscape requests are on the rise in many markets. Folks find themselves under orders to stay home and stay safe. With nothing to do, the nation is experiencing a gardening renaissance.

For many of you, your residential operations are vital to staying afloat right now. It is an opportunity to innovate into new categories of landscaping services and reaching the homeowner client. Vegetable gardening and “growing food” are high on the list of services to consider providing. You are free to use Burpee Home Gardens as inspiration for you own site to educate potential clients.

Speaking of “knock knocks” …

Remember these? I know you do! Many landscape maintenance companies use them. In this day and age of “touchless” marketing, the humble door knocker is an inexpensive way to get to new clients.

My favorite door knocker story comes from Aquascape Inc. – just down the road from Ball Horticultural Company. They put “Pardon our Noise!” door knockers on neighboring houses to their pond installs with an invitation to see the finished install when done. (Clear that with your install client first!) After all, we are an industry that relies on referrals.

Kick it up notch. Be the expert. Offer help to would-be gardeners. For new-to-the game homeowners, consider offering a 30-minute consultation on how to plant that a tree, spade that garden patch, install that home irrigation kit … anything where you are the expert.

Be sure to provide your website address and social media links, and perhaps have two or three videos of your team of professionals doing the work. Many homeowners might just call and have you do the work once they see what’s involved.

With the arrival of entirely new gardeners to your clientele … “yardeners” really … there has never been a better time for basic planting advice for annuals, vegetables and perennials. Download our basic planting tips for your team, and possibly share with those new clients clamoring for help.

Wishing you all a safe and successful planting season!

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