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Feb 18, 2019
iLandscape 2019
Jeff Gibson Ball Seed Landscape Business Manager

The mission of the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association is to enhance the professionalism and capabilities of its members by providing leadership, education, representation and services while promoting environmental awareness of the value of the landscape industry.

Well said!

To that end, ILCA also hosts a fantastic annual show called iLandscape, which services landscape members in Illinois and Wisconsin. This year it took place Jan. 30 through Feb.1 in Schaumburg, IL, with an exhibit, education sessions, entertainment, and thousands of attendees. Below are a few photos I took of the event, including our Ball Seed display booth that featured key landscape products.

Above is a photo of me and my colleague Gianna Miceli getting introduced to Orbit the Barn Owl at Pizzo Native Plant Nursery booth. There’s many unique opportunities at iLandscape.

ILCA commissioned a hand drawn “thought board” compiled by thoughts of attendees to the iLandscape Show. This is the fourth year of the show in Schaumberg, IL. Over 5,500 attendees, 800 member companies, were on-site: Nursery and greenhouse growers, landscape contractors and landscape architects, municipalities, equipment manufactures. All attending despite -28°F weather outside. (No snow to plow; no salt to spread … salt does not melt snow and ice at those temperatures!)

A clever Hobbit House decoration for the show.

Here’s a shot of the Ball Seed exhibit booth, featuring Darwin Perennials and annual selections from Ball Seed.

The career fair for students at the show was PACKED! Over 30 employers filled the tables – Ball included. There was great interest in careers in horticulture and landscape.

Next year's iLandscape event takes place Jan. 29-31, 2020.

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Nice pics, thanks for the info.
Sunday, February 24, 2019 | BF Terrell
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