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Jan 15, 2019
Sun Color That Works
Jeff Gibson Ball Seed Landscape Business Manager

When you’re designing landscapes or large-size containers with full-sun exposure, there are many plant options at your disposal. That being said, the most successful combos will be filled with durable, easy-care varieties that offer diversity in plant habits, colors and flower forms.

A good rule of thumb is to combine bold patters and unique shapes in your foliage choices, along with striking colorful flower selections. This will create a perfect balance in your design.

Let’s break down the landscape combo in the photo below, and provide alternatives that could broaden your design palette.

The photo above contains a tropical Canna Cannova Yellow along with a versatile Begonia Megawatt Red with a green leaf as the main filler. Redhead Coleus provides additional non-flowering texture, while SolarPower Lime Heart sweet potato vine spills out of the container.

All are easy-care, low-maintenance options that make a big impact in a commercial landscape.

Cannova® Canna Megawatt™ Begonia
Height: 30-48 in. Height: 20-28 in.
Spread: 14-20 in. Spread: 16-24 in.
Exposure: Sun Exposure: Shade, Partial Sun
Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea) Coleus
Height: 10-12 in. Height: 18-36 in.
Spread: 24-36 in. Spread: 16-28 in.
Exposure: Sun, Partial Sun Exposure: Sun, Shade

Now let's look at alternatives and how to change-up this look using different colors from the same genetics.

The canna in a Rose color could also match well with a swapped-out Begonia color in a bronze-leafed Rose or Pink.

Replacements for the texture-rich coleus could be the popular Henna or Crimson Gold varieties. Both are large-size options and can fill a commercial or municipal container fast.

As for the sun-loving spiller options that drape over the side, a dramatic Black Heart or Red Heart ipomoea leaf shape could create a more elegant look and bring in some “metallic” hues that are on-trend.

You can check out our archives here for more sun-loving choices, or for large-stature plants that are big and bragging click here. All will thrive in the landscape and provide your clients the durability and mass-appeal that’s so important to today’s designer.

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Great looking combo, thanks!
Friday, January 18, 2019 | BF Terrell
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