Cupressocyparis Shorty

Product Details

Scientific Name : Cupressocyparis leylandii
Common Name : Leyland Cypress
Hardiness Degree : -10°F (-23.3°C)
Plant Habit : Upright
Characteristics : Winter Interest (regional), Heat Tolerant, Low Maintenance, Frost Tolerant
Water : Medium
Fertilize : None or when needed only
Spacing : 24-36" (61-91cm)
Height : 72-84" (183-213cm)
Width : 36-48" (91-122cm)
Exposure : Sun
General Information : The compact habit of this shrub makes it suitable as a screen or foundation plant. One of the smallest of its kind on the market, Shorty’s bright evergreen foliage is striking.

Idea &Tips : Bright evergreen foliage. Drought and heat-tolerant cultivar can also be used as a container plant due to its compact habit.