Snapdragon Solstice™ Mixture

Product Details

Scientific Name : Antirrhinum majus
Common Name : Garden Snapdragon
Hardiness Degree : 32°F (0.0°C)
Blooming Season : Early Spring, Spring, Autumn
Plant Habit : Upright
Characteristics : Attracts Bees, Attracts Hummingbirds, Fragrant Flowers, Frost Tolerant
Water : Medium
Fertilize : Every two weeks
Spacing : 10-14" (25-36cm)
Height : 16-20" (41-51cm)
Width : 10-14" (25-36cm)
Exposure : Sun
General Information : Great for cool-season landscapes and backyard cut flower gardens.

Idea &Tips : Best performance in cool weather.
Plant at the same time as pansies for best flowering.
Occasional deadheading will promote more flowering.

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