It's Spooky ... Not Being Listed

Jeff Gibson - Ball Seed Landscape Business Manager
Friday, October 29, 2021

As the days shorten, and mums and cabbages rule the landscapes in most parts of North America, many of you are beginning the planning process for Spring 2022.

Perhaps some of you started your planning three or four months back. “Good on ya!” as they say down under. With shortages of plastics, some fertilizers, peat, parts for machines, etc., etc., planning ahead is critical.

So … “Who ya gonna call” to make sure you’re not left without materials this spring? No, not The Ghostbusters – your wholesale grower suppliers, that’s who! To get in touch with one, you can search for a grower near you at our Find A Supplier page here.

And for all of you wholesale supplier readers out there that signed up to our supplier listing years ago, it’s time to update your listing if you’ve moved, have changed contact information, or (horror of horrors!) you didn’t know about this FREE listing of your business to the professional landscape trade.

Search, sign up, or send me a note to update your listing here, please.

Trust me: You will be happier than the kids coming Sunday for candy corn and other goodies.

Mum Plumberry, Kale Lancianato, Kale Coral Prince

Mum Sunny Day, Mum Copper Coin

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