Landscape Top Garden Mums
For the best success with Mums, look for late-flowering varieties. They have maximum keeping quality for longer-lasting displays. Work closely with your grower for the best selection – Mums have a 10-month lead time!

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Critical dates for Mum growers


Growers place orders early to ensure varieties of choice. They base sales and volumes off of their just-completed Mum cycle.


Cuttings shipped to growers


Cuttings stuck



 VarietyFlowering DateVigor
Five Alarm RedSept. 15Medium
Katelli YellowSept. 15Short
Sundance YellowSept. 15Medium/Short
Katelli BronzeSept. 17Short
Grandeur YellowSept. 19Medium
Red HotsSept. 22Medium
Starburst WhiteSept. 22Medium/Short
Honeyblush YellowSept. 23Medium
Adonis PurpleSept. 24Medium
Orange ZestSept. 25Medium
Petit OrangeSept. 25Medium
Radiant RedSept. 25Medium
Flamingo NeonSept. 26Medium/Short
Flamingo CranberrySept. 28Medium
Flamingo PinkSept. 28Medium
Red RyderSept. 28Medium
Sunset OrangeSept. 28Medium
Atomic OrangeSept. 30Medium
GrapeberryOct. 2Medium/Short
Gold Rush YellowOct. 3Medium/Tall
Yellow TangOct. 7Medium
Purple MajestyOct. 9Medium
Blazing OrangeOct. 12Medium
Avalon PinkOct. 15Medium
Avalon PurpleOct. 15Medium
Avalon CrèmeOct. 15Medium
Eternal RedOct. 15Medium/Short
Emberglow OrangeOct. 16Medium
Sunny Day YellowOct. 17Medium