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  • Mums For Fall Landscapes

    Re-energize your sites with autumn color. Browse our Top 15 mum recommendations for long-lasting displays.

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  • NEW Bounce™
    Interspecific Impatients

    Shade alternative that offers the habit and flower count of I. walleriana, with downy mildew resistance.

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  • THE Landscape Begonia!

    Whopper Begonia is a big winner in field and university trials. Puts on a super-size color show from Spring to Fall. Excellent in sun or shade landscapes.

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  • That Natural Look

    Balance your sustainable design with colorful natives like ‘Cheyenne Spirit’, Sombrero and PowWow® Echinacea.

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  • California Drought Solutions

    Your clients are seeking drought-tolerant solutions for their landscapes. Here’s our top-rated suggestions for color and texture.

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  • Drift® Groundcover Roses

    Low maintenance roses that will reward you with endless color all season long. Spreads delicately around established plants.

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  • More Landscape Resources

    PanAmerican Seed has enhanced its website with landscaper-specific tools and information. No matter what landscape challenge you face, these plants get the job done!

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